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The delicious highlight.

Whether breakfast, lunch, coffee or dinner, our hosts look forward to pampering you with good food.


Coffee and cake with a view of the lake, a snack plate with Ahler sausage, hearty dishes from the fish smokehouse, the best homemade ice cream you can imagine, excellent restaurants, high confectionery art, cafés, cocktail bars and nice restaurants - there are moments of culinary happiness everywhere. 

The Dülfershof near Bad Wildungen and some goat cheese dairies traditionally produce cheese by hand. They supply restaurateurs and regional shops and sell in their own farm shop. The idyllic Lauterbach farm near Vöhl received one of the first licenses for grain distilling in Hesse in 1786. Grain and fruit brandies are made with ingredients from our own organic cultivation.

From the fruit garden straight to the bottle – the fruit wine cellar in Basdorf also produces liqueurs, mulled wine, juices and spreads. Another initiative is the Old Mill in Dalwigstal near Lichtenfels. Since there was no place for hikers to stop, the owners opened a mill café with a beer garden and a shop with fine regional products. The Hofcafé at the National Park in Frebershausen is just one example of many that offer regional dishes such as Ahle Worscht or Edertaler Trout on their menu.

Something is happening in the country. Regional foods are trendy

Wildes from Waldeck offers specialties from local manufacturers. “Regional products are honest, credible and identity-forming. The guests love them,” says Hubertus Nottscheid. The gourmet workshop is integrated and serves fresh snacks. The rooms of a former locksmith's shop are given new life as a workshop distillery. The plan is to reopen the doors for show distilling and tastings.

“Freshness and regionality are important to us. We source everything from farms and butchers that we know, where production is done in a species-appropriate and ecological manner. That’s better than organic products from Eastern Europe, because short transport routes are also a building block for sustainability.”

by Lukas, chef from Waldeck


Cheesecake Stollmühle


For the pastry:
250 g Type 550 wheat or Type 630 spelled flour
125 g sugar
1 egg yolk (reserve the egg white for the filling)
125 g butter
1 packet of vanilla sugar
1/2 packet of baking powder
Juice from one lemon

For the filling:
125 g butter
150-250g sugar
750 g quark
1 tbsp semolina or spelled semolina
5 eggs (separate yolk and white)
1 packet of vanilla sugar

Juice from one lemon

For the dough, knead all the ingredients with a hand mixer to create a crumbly dough. Form half of the dough into a base in a well-greased springform pan.

For the filling, beat the egg whites until stiff. Whisk all other ingredients well. Then carefully fold in the egg whites. Spread the filling mixture on the base of the springform pan. Form crumbles from the second half of the dough and spread over the filling.

Preheat the oven (top and bottom heat) to 180°, place the cake in the lower third of the oven and bake for 60-70 minutes.

from Sven from Marienhagen

Well, got hungry?

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Guest room in the Kellerwald National Park Center


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Restaurant Flair Hotel Werbetal***S


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Restaurant Waldhotel Wiesemann


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Old mill Dalwigksthal

Lichtenfels (Hesse)

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Waldeck Castle Clock Tower Restaurant


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Restaurant Altane Schloss Waldeck


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Landgasthof Zur Jägersruh


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Country inn Elsebach


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Hotel Allee Schlößchen

Bad Wildungen

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PARK RESTAURANT - Göbel's Hotel Quellenhof

Bad Wildungen

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Country House Vesper

Lichtenfels (Hesse)

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Zorn Inn


© Gasthaus Zorn, Edersee | Your region: wild, colorful, healthy.

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