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We would like to invite you to take a moment to find out what we at Edersee Marketing GmbH would like to achieve together with you in the future.

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Together for a strong Edersee region!

For many years we have been working hard to make the Edersee region even better known and to show how much potential “our Edersee” and the entire region have. The next step is to position our Edersee region as its own brand. A brand is assertive and can convince if it is positioned in a way that attracts attention from the public. For this purpose, we have developed a modern, new logo, designed a claim and, with the involvement of the service providers, developed a strategy that will make the values ​​and character of our region better known far beyond the northern Hesse borders.

Let us pull together to improve and consolidate the goal of a high-performing region. We offer to support you in your marketing activities in the future so that our region becomes everyone's favorite place. As a partner, you are welcome to support us at any time with creative ideas and suggestions.

What we stand for

Together with our partners, we work for a strong Edersee region. Our most important goal is to make even better use of our tourism potential as a health and tourism region through targeted, joint marketing activities. We want to inspire our partners because we know that we can only make our region competitive in the long term by working together.

Edersee umbrella brand - enables identification, location and emotional communication!

Our strategy continues to aim at dismantling “church towers”. Individual interests should be overcome and brought together. The Edersee region should speak with one voice: wild, bunt, gesund.

We are expanding communication with our partners

We support our partners in their marketing activities. In the future, our “communication” will be digital, so that all partners can easily receive and download the most important news and marketing materials. The Edersee region is its own brand. We welcome cooperation and are committed to exchange with and among our partners.


Charter for our Edersee region

Together with you as a partner, we will make our Edersee tourism region competitive in the long term!

Only if we all pull together can we benefit from our attractive, prosperous region.

Our goal is to strengthen the uniqueness of our region to the outside world and to promote this together with you as a partner. To this end, we would like to support you in your marketing activities. We believe that together we can increase the awareness of our region and communicate its attractiveness more sustainably if you are there as a partner. With our claim: Your region: wild, colorful, healthy we promote a strong region. The claim is used as a message and leitmotif in all external communication, because this is how we stand out from other regions. Walk side by side with us. We help you to distribute your offers and services throughout Germany. We provide you with information materials, photos and marketing texts that can drive the efficiency of your marketing activities.

We want

  • expand our awareness across Germany.
  • Securing and expanding jobs.
  • Initiate collaborations with companies to extend the length of stay of our guests.
  • as an excursion, adventure and active travel destination with a focus on hiking and cycling.
  • become even better known as a health region.
  • market the special features of our region, our nature, the water, the remedies and the national park even more strongly.

Our service offering for you

Let's make a difference together.

We have put together various marketing materials for you specifically tailored to your needs. During the implementation, we are at your side at all times with our expertise and support you in all questions relating to your own marketing and PR activities.

The Edersee region

The perfect contrast program!

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