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Overflow or Atlantis?

You can see how high the water level is here on a daily basis.

Edersee water level

The Edersee has an enormous filling volume of 199,55 million m³. At a water level of 244,97 m above sea level, the reservoir is full.


So that you always have an overview

Thanks to a large number of webcams around the Edersee region, you always have an overview of the current situation. You can also find a current forecast of the water levels on the Upper and Middle Weser on the WSA website.


About the cover photo:

Julian Lichtenfeld

is a passionate hobby photographer. On his Instagram page @julian_lichten he also shows the beauty of our region with impressive pictures from a bird's eye view.

"The drone photography at the Edersee is something very special for me. The variety of the landscape inspires me very much!"

by Julian Lichtenfeld

Overflow of the Edertalsperre in spring 2021

Edersee Atlantis - The old bridges in autumn 2019

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