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Group trips with an experience factor

A trip to Lake Edersee is an unforgettable event for all participants.

Group offers

Here you will find suggestions for your group trip to Lake Edersee. The following group programs are suitable for a number of participants of 10 or more and are planned for half a day to a full day. Our “dam wall tour” is always an interesting introduction to informing you about the history of Lake Edersee and the region. Our animated journey through time “Mythos Edersee” also provides a lot of information about the story as well as various pictures and videos from which contemporary witnesses report. The “Ship & Guided Tour” program is particularly suitable for guests with limited mobility, as there is no need to walk long distances and the process offers a pleasant combination of information and scenery. With the program “Around the Edersee” you can explore the Edersee from start to finish.

The programs can be booked directly with the service providers, which you can find in the group tours section below. The price information is not guaranteed and must be requested directly from the service provider. If you have any questions about the programs or need help with planning, we will be happy to help you.


Edersee myth

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Dam wall tours

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Around the Edersee, numerous sights and leisure facilities guarantee eventful days at one of the largest and most beautiful reservoirs in Europe. We offer you a diverse selection of prepared group trips, travel offers for clubs, associations and companies as well as planned senior trips.

"I am impressed by the diversity of the region and the many beautiful places. Our trip was simply an unforgettable experience."

from Lisa from Frankfurt

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