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Welcome to the hiking adventure land

A national park, a nature park, wilderness and winding paths for your hiking holiday.


Active holidays at the Edersee - this is also possible on land. A short break in the clear air is often enough to give you fresh energy and new impetus.

Families like the easy circular route around the lake or hikes with the ranger, who explains life in the forest with exciting stories. Hiking through the jungle is a little adventure that rewards you with bizarre steep slopes, gnarled oaks and magnificent views. Panoramic trails lead past castles and former monasteries. Long-distance hiking and challenging hiking events also offer hiking professionals a kick.

Our pride: We have been certified as a “Quality Region of Hiking Germany” since 2023. In addition, three of our trails carry the “Quality Trail Hiking Germany” seal and two carry the “Premium Trail” hiking seal.

Our new Best of hiking test center

at the tourist information office in Waldeck

"Come to us - your equipment is already there." Anyone who is a guest in our Best of Hiking region benefits from a unique test center service. Get a taste of hiking with trekking poles, test a real trekking umbrella in storm and rain in adverse weather, go on a discovery tour with top-class binoculars or simply hike in a particularly comfortable way, with modern branded hiking shoes, technically sophisticated hiking backpacks and child carriers or with outdoor jackets like them designed for expeditions and 8.000m climbs. Of course, GPS devices and tour software for orientation should not be missing.

What is a test center? The Best of Hiking Test Centers are service points that were set up to enable every holiday guest to test high-quality hiking equipment in practice free of charge.

Who can use the service? The offer is aimed at everyone who is interested, regardless of whether they are hiking individually or in a group, whether an individual or several would like to take advantage of the offer. The service is valid for the day of the hike and is usually returned to the test center the following day.

Experience the Edersee region with our new hiking brochure

In our new hiking brochure, we present a colorful selection of high-quality hiking trails throughout the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park and National Park. Included are four of our quality and premium trails, as well as a selection of 27 shorter circular trails, ranging from 3km to 11km. On the last pages there is an overview map in which the four major hiking trails and the shorter circular trails are entered with numbers. In addition, the brochure contains a lot of additional information on the subject of hiking.


This original and honest forest lets me pause and breathe deeply.

"When you are out and about in our densely populated country, it is always exciting to experience how quickly and right in the middle of it all this wonderful national park is. Such large, undivided beech forests are rare. It is easily accessible through the jungle trail and yet you are very fast only because it is not overcrowded.

As a child, the forest near Frankenau was my playground. As a teenager I wanted to get out into the world, as far away as possible. In the meantime my vision has sharpened. When I'm here, I feel "home". I am rooted here, just like the trees that have stretched out their roots here for many hundreds of years. The steep slopes on the shores of the Edersee are fascinating. The orchids and carnations that grow here are real treasures.  

My favorite hiking time is November. Autumn with its colorful foliage is beautiful anyway, but November is special. The slightly moldy foliage smells spicy. Space comes into the forest because the view is no longer captured. The gnarled, creaky trunks and branches are much more tangible. And when the wafts of fog are still wafting around, it gets really mystical."

What touches me most is that nature in the national park is not a staging, but rather the honesty and clarity of a landscape. She immerses you and takes you inside.

by Thorsten Hoyer, Editor-in-Chief of Wandermagazin

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"I feel hugged by the forest!"

by Carmela from Rüthen

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