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Cycling in the Kellerwald-Edersee nature and national park

Whether you are a leisure cyclist, MTB, e-biker or passionate rider – your tours are here.


The Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park is covered with cycle paths like a spider's web. The Ruhr-Eder geo cycle route, the Ederseebahn cycle path and other circular tours are well signposted. The “must have done” tour is the Edersee cycle path, always along the shore. Our tip: The route can be varied with the passenger ferries.  

The Eder cycle path along the river of the same name is extremely idyllic. Unique in Europe are the 14 churches on the Eder cycle path that have opened their doors to delight cyclists with devotions, music, puzzles and historical knowledge. 

At the top of the mountain there are fantastic views as a reward

"I used to ride cross country, but a few years ago I switched to mountain biking. Riding up the mountains is exactly the right thing for me, because you get a fantastic view as a reward. In Waldeck it's the castle, if you see it, that's it a great moment.

I need the effort! I want to push myself and see how much I can do. When I come back to the holiday apartment, everything hurts and I can stretch my legs and put them up, it's a good feeling.

What I like about mountain biking is that the further I go into the forest, the more I am alone with nature. There are no crowds of hikers anymore, I like this solitude. In the Kellerwald it works very well and the landscape is very beautiful, it's fun to be out and about on the bike."

From Tim from Baden-Württemberg

© Klaus-Peter Kappes/Touristik Service Waldeck-Ederbergland

You can come here to cycle every year for 40 years and you will still discover a new tour.

from Struppy, ancient rock from the Edersee

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The highlights of the region can be found here:

Eder cycle path


© Kappest Photography/Tourism Service Waldeck-Ederbergland, Eder Cycle Path

Geo cycle route Ruhr-Eder


© CC BY SA | Tanja Evers, Sauerland Tourism eV

MTB tour on Aar, Orke & Eder


© Sven Bökenschmidt, Edersee | Your region: wild, colorful, healthy.

Lichtenfels Valley Tour (LR 3)


© Karuna Eckel, Edersee | Your region: wild, colourful, healthy.

Ederseebahn Cycle Path - In the footsteps of the old Ederseebahn


© Economic Development Korbach Goldricht GmbH, Unknown

Edersee-Radrundweg (ER) - Once around the entire Edersee


© Katharina Jaeger, Edersee | Your region: wild, colourful, healthy.

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