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About Us

No matter whether you are still looking for accommodation, need information about how to get there or are looking for exciting excursion tips - we are there for you and would be happy to help!


Our administration team:

Claus Gunther


  • There are many favorite and relaxation places on the Edersee. What is special are the unique views of the fjord-like lake, framed by the wilderness of the national park.

Graziella Lindner

Online Marketing & Social Media Management

Lisa Zölzer

Marketing, PR & Communication

  • Enjoy a walk, bike ride or boat tour. I associate all of this with the Edersee - for me one of the most beautiful and diverse excursion destinations in the region.

Karuna Eckel

Project management hiking

  • It's always nice to bring time and peace with you when you stay with us. There are so many hidden things that cannot be discovered in fast forward and on the run.

Dr. Sven Bökenschmidt

Host management

Claudia Unger

Project management cycling & TI Waldeck

Leah Pfingst

Trainee office management clerk

  • The best thing is when you can combine work and leisure, which is why I work at Edersee and then enjoy spending time with family and friends at the lake.

Elke Bangert

Financial Accounting


Office dog, haven of peace & comforter

  • I always walk through the national park on a leash so as not to scare other animals. But in the office, I run around freely to sniff around a lot and collect treats.

Our guest service team:

Gaby Ritter

Management of the Edersee Visitor Center

Petra Hildebrandt

Guest service Edersee visitor center

Daniela Franz

Guest service Edersee visitor center

  • "When I was at Edersee for the first time, I fell in love straight away, so I stayed and now share my passion for our region with our guests in the visitor center."

Sarah Riebeling

Guest service National Park Center

  • "I am proud to be able to count Lake Edersee as my home and I associate many beautiful moments with it, such as the countless bike rides with the family or the long summer days at the lake with friends."

Carola Fincke

Guest service Edersee visitor center

Heidrun Klinger-Dubielzig

Guest service TI Waldeck

  • For me, the Edersee is most beautiful in sunny October, when our beech trees change color and turn red and the clouds of mist slowly waft upwards in the morning.

Christel Sauer

Guest service Edersee visitor center

  • Hiking along streams, enjoying views of the lake and experiencing nature with all your senses is something very special at any time of year.

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