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In the extensive forests of the nature and national park you can find unique jungle relics in untouched nature.

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Whether an expedition into the realm of rustic beech trees on a 24-hour hiking adventure or a pure experience of nature in a group on a guided hike from the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature and National Park - our hiking events are known far beyond the country's borders.

During the 24-hour Edersee hiking adventure, you hike on the certified quality hiking trails Urwaldsteig, Kellerwaldsteig and Lichtenfelser Panoramaweg through one of the most attractive low mountain ranges north of the Alps. In the middle of rustic forests - past gorges, rocks and streams - you will experience the realm of rustic beech trees up close. The fascinating views of the Edersee, which winds like a fjord, remain unforgettable.

Over 500 guided hikes and events take place all year round in the Kellerwald-Edersee nature and national park and make every nature heart beat faster.

24-hour hiking adventure - the long-running favorite at Edersee!

What counts is not who reaches the destination faster or better, but rather the hiking experience with like-minded people. Everyone hikes at their own pace, enjoys the many small natural wonders along the route in their own way or lingers at the numerous viewpoints. Along the way you make contacts and motivate other participants to persevere, because everyone has the will to complete the 42 or 84 kilometers.

"At this event we offer you a hiking stage that is second to none. Experience the unique nature of the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature and National Park at every turn in Hesse's hiking adventure land."

by Karuna Eckel, Edersee Marketing GmbH

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